FGC 2013 Gathering: Covering the World of Quakerism

Quakers at FGC 2013 Gathering explored the wide spectrum of interests that shape the culture and concerns of the Religious Society of Friends. Ted Ehnle, pictured here, completed his workshop in "Chanting from the Silence," along with fellow Northside Friend Bruce Kanorak.

Lead by Tony Martin, "Chanting" participants entered into a "river of sound and silence." Ehnle said the music moved spontaneously into many modalities and directions, and had a powerful impact on participants.

"It was a transformative experience," he said.

Northside Friend Beth Burbank completed a knitting workshop, "Wool Gathering," adapting the skills of knitting to facilitating better listening, and improved mindfulness.

At the plenary session, "Reconciliation," last night (July 1), theologians Tink Tinker and Dr. Vincent Hastings called upon Quakers to become activists in setting right the relations Native Americans have with the United States. 
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