Kathy Kelly to speak about the War in Yemen and Afghanistan at Second Hour on April 14th

Kathy Kelly, peace activist and founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence (www.vcnv.org)  will be with the Northside Friends Meeting on April 14th, 2019.  The conversation will be focused on Yemen and Afghanistan: What’s Happening and What Can We Do? Her recent thoughts are reflected in this article: https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/03/08/can-we-divest-weapons-dealers

Voices for Creative Nonviolence is a campaign to end military and economic violence.  Voices activists believe that where you stand determines what you see. Standing alongside people in war zones who cannot escape helps Voices delegation members glimpse
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Sarz.Maxwell 29 Oct : 21:10
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this discussion during 2nd Hour was a mind-changing event for me. Kathy Kelly is my new SHERO!!
The thing I remember most is her saying "the most educational year of my life was the one I spent in Federal Prison". WHAT A WOMAN! (though I don't necessarily aspire to that level of self-education myself).
Thank you so much to Steven David for bringing this amazing woman to NFM!
Sarz Maxwell

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