How Quakers Communicate at FGC 2013 Gathering

Whether face to face, special interest groups, at meals, or in Friends General Conference's new website platform, Quakers are communicating. Northside Friend's Bruce Kanarek listens to a colorfully garbed Friend at the plaza at University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, where FGC runs through July 6.

A major means of communciations has opened for Quakers with the launch of by the Friends General Conference, the organization that manages the annual FGC Gathering.

This correspondent attended a workshop on on Tuesday night. FGC has invested "six figures" in creatingĀ  a turn-key website platform for Meetings (monthly, quarterly, yearly) to post basic meeting information (news, worship time and location, calendar) as well as Minutes.

More than 40 Meetings have signed on the for the service, which is so simple to launch and operate that most Meetings using it can dispense with technical webmaster volunteers and have their website managed by members who focus on creating the news and calendar items instead of programming, according to Chris Pifer, communications manager.

The "cloud" in refers to the computer servers on which it resides - rather than sitting on a single computer in someone's home or a small hosting service, it is hosted across a large bank of servers, providing reliability and redundancy associated with sites like and iTunes.

QuakerCloud bills for as little as $12 per month for smaller Meetings of 50 or fewer members.

Quakers also communicate with automobile bumper stickers, which take on a unique quality when viewed by the dozens on bumpers from across the U.S. at the FGC 2013 Gathering. - Posted by Bill Esler






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