Friends Center in barnesville, Ohio Offering Weekend Retreats

Inviting Midwest Friends to Friends Center Barnesville
Dear Friends in the Midwest,

A former United Church of Christ minister, who recently joined Beloit Monthly Meeting at which we sojourn, was puzzled by the fact that we maintain our membership in Stillwater Meeting, Ohio Yearly Meeting-Conservative (“Conservative†in Quaker parlance means conserving the practices of Early Friends) on the far side of Ohio at the same time that we experience deep and living connection with Friends at Beloit and Friends who participate in Friends Gathering in Jesus Christ which meets monthly at Evanston Meeting.

Our short answer to his question was that we find there our roots in the caring, God-trusting spirit of early Friends. But his question has caused some further prayerful thinking on our part, out of which has come a nudge, a leading, to invite you, F/friends in the Midwest, to consider spending some time among Conservative Friends by attending a weekend retreat at the Friends Center of Ohio Yearly Meeting in Barnesville, Ohio or signing up for some personal time there, possibly en route to the East or South East. (Barnesville, Ohio, is near to I-70, and only an hour and a half south of I-80.) A personal retreat should include a First Day morning (Sunday) if possible and the opportunity to worship with Friends at Stillwater Monthly Meeting, just up the hill from Friends Center.

Eastern Ohio is beautiful – hilly, very rural, very simple, very quiet. The old Stillwater meetinghouse has served as a sacred setting for so many years and so many generations of Friends, the walls themselves reach out to comfort, clarify, nourish, suffice. Friends Center can house six guests in its three bedrooms; Olney Friends School, the campus of which is adjacent to Stillwater meetinghouse, can usually house additional visitors.

Friends Center will offer four weekend retreats between Fall 2013 and Spring 2014..
A description of these can be found at: Click on Programs, and then on Friends Center.
By urging you to consider time among Ohio Conservative Friends, we are not "recruiting" Conservative Quakers. We are saying that there is an opportunity to experience true community among these Friends whose faith and practice are deeply kin to those of early Friends. In this time of rampant individualism, a taste of sacred community is refreshing indeed.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more or register for a Friends Center event. We will be glad to paper mail or email you a brochure with a registration form. Our email address is .  Our mailing address is 3000 North Shore Drive, Delavan, WI 53115.


Ken and Katharine Jacobsen

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