Northside Friends Reminds Attenders about changes to our summer schedule

Northside Summer Break!

During the summer months, the Spirit often leads us to seek the Light away from our physical meeting space. In recognition of this, certain meeting activities are laid down from June through Labor Day.

Regular Meeting for Worship will continue to be held every Sunday at 10AM, including on “holiday” weekends.

There will be no First Day School over the summer, but childcare will be provided during Meeting for Worship.

There will be no Second Hour programming. Friends are encouraged to join each other in fellowship during this time, such as going out for brunch.

Potluck and Meeting for Business will not be held on the first Sundays for July and August. We will hold one summer Meeting for Business on August 17.

All regular program activities will resume starting with Meeting for Business the first Sunday of September. We hope to see Friends many times this summer as we enjoy worship, fellowship and the summer season!

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