Evanston Friends Seek Religious Education Coordinator.

Evanston Friends Meeting is seeking a part-time Religious Education Coordinator (“REC”) to work part-time under the direction of the Meeting’s ReligiousEducation Committee (“RE Com”).

On-going operation of Meeting’s First Day School (Sunday School) and ChildcareThe REC will:• Provide support for the operation on Sunday mornings of the Meeting’s three FirstDay School classes during the regular school year. This would involve making surethe teachers have the necessary class materials before class and being available toaddress issues that may arise on Sunday morning. The students range fromkindergarten through middle school.• Prior to the start of each trimester, prepare for each class teacher a handbook thatincludes general materials approved by the RE Com. and the curricula materialsselected by the RE Com. for each class.• Organize systems for assuring the availability of needed materials for classes andsmooth operations on Sunday morning.• Work with the RE Com. to strengthen the operation of the nursery/childcare andenrich its educational value for the pre-school attendees.• As directed by the RE Com., provide teacher training and education.• Work with the RE Com in developing a summer activity program to engage studentsoutside of the regular school year.Developing CurriculaThe REC will:• Become informed about various curricula generally and evaluate how they might beused in First Day School.• Become familiar with the curricula currently in use and, through observation anddiscussion with teachers, suggest to the RE Com. changes/modifications/improvements (including alternative curricula) that would better serve the studentsand the Meeting’s mission.• Work under the direction of the RE Com.to develop a three-year curriculum cycle forthe middle school class that reflects the Meeting’s desired content areas andapproach and engages the students.Hours and Salary:The REC will work ten hours a week, including the time spent on Sunday morning duties.The hours will be set jointly by the REC and the RE Com. The salary will be approximatelytwenty dollars per hour.Required Education and Background:The REC must:Have a bachelor’s degree in a related area and experience that demonstrates the ability toperform the responsibilities of the position. Training and experience in education(secular or religious) and curriculum development are particularly valued.Understand Quaker values and processes and be comfortable in using them in carrying outthe position’s responsibilities.Be committed to religious education not as an end in itself but as a means of developingstudents’ spiritual depth and understanding so that they may intentionally be opento that of God within each of them and all people.Be highly responsible and have proven ability to work in a semi-structured environment thatrequires initiative and self-direction in conjunction with responsiveness to thedirectives and guidance of the RE Com.Be skilled in the use of computer software, e.g.,Word, Googledocs, spreadsheets.

TO APPLY, PLEASE SEND A COVER LETTER AND RESUME BY SEPT. 20, 2014To: John KnoxThe Religious Education CommitteeEvanston Friends Meeting1010 GreenleafEvanston, IL 60602Or to:John Knox at jonox@oxnay.comwith cc to Liz Kenney at maryelizabethkenney@gmail.com

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