Olney Friends School takes Anti-Fracking Stance

Olney Friends School in Barnesville, Ohio decided not to lease rights to potentially rich oil and gas reserves under its land for hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” even when all their surrounding neighbors did so. The school has aligned itself with a tradition of environmental stewardship echoed in many Friends organizations. In so doing, it has declined hundreds of thousands of

dollars in guaranteed compensation. The school now reaches out to Friends to help it move forward in the Light, and to transform its convictions into opportunities to strengthen the school’s future. Olney urges those who whole heartedly agree with the decision it made about fracking to contribute any amount of money as a way to tell the school “thank you” for the decision and to let the school know you agree with the decision. For more information, visit www.olneyfriends.org or call 740-425-3655 Ext. 204, or email nofracking@olneyfriends.org Contributions can be sent to Olney Friends School, 61830 Sandy Ridge Rd., Barnesville, OH 43713.

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