Second Annual Gatherting of Quaker Mystics

The second gathering of Quaker mystics will be held at Earlham College June 6-10, 2014. This time together is perhaps best described as a retreat—a time to come together to support each other’s spiritual lives, build community among Friends, and discern how those who are gathered might better serve God’s purposes. Persons from across the broad spectrum of the Religious Society of Friends have been invited to attend.

“It is our observation that the foundation of Quaker organizations rests in God’s hands. While we have different orientations and motions, when in the presence of the One, we connect with each other better. Differences fade while acceptance and love grow. What is important when we join together in this deep place is not a person’s role or title, but whether they desire to join with others and spend several days sitting at the Lord's feet .” Gathering Conveners. Growing out of a message heard at last year gathering that presented the call to "name the spiritual condition of the world." The gathering will be focused on the call to come together to examine individual and community spiritual conditions. The first two days of the gathering will provide Friends an opportunity to share with each other about their own spiritual condition in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance. Those who stay for the last two days will join together in an effort to more explicitly seek God’s guidance. Through worship and worship sharing those gathered will attempt to name the spiritual condition of our religious community. Registration form and additional information are available for downloading at A detailed account of the first gathering also can be found at this address. More information about the leading being followed can be found on the blog

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